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K-Fattening 1 L, Potassium

K-Fattening 1 L, Potassium

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Kengorde: ideal and indispensable for those who have bonsai of flower and fruit, by the

extra expense that this circumstance produces in the tree, if we do not correct that expense

extra bonsai will gradually lose vigor.

Extra applications of this product in spring and autumn.

  • effect:
    1. Potassium K fertilizer; source of potassium
    2. Activates, protects, increases the resistance of the plant in a situation of water stress, drought; improves perspiration; stomatic regulation; facilitates the absorption, mobility, of water in the plant; optimizes the water balance
    3. It increases, homogenizes the size, caliber, weight, filling of fruits, reserve organs, grain, roots, capsules, etc.
    4. It favors the development of fruits resistant to handling and transport, shelf life, commercial value, postharest quality; greater consistency, hardness and firmness of the fruits; shelf live
    5. Promotes, induces, activates the synthesis and / or translocation of carbohydrates, carbohydrates, carbohydrates, carbohydrates, sugars, Brix degrees of the fruits, reserve organs
    6. It favors, induces, activates, improves root development, root emission, root development; rhizogenesis; rooting; absorption capacity
    7. Favoring photosynthesis, chlorophyll activity, increases the concentration of chlorophyll. Inducer of chlorophyll synthesis
    8. Improves quality, increases the organoleptic characteristics of fruit, flowers, vegetables, grain (color, smell, taste, texture, etc.)
  • TYPE OF FORMULATION: SL - Soluble concentrate - soluble liquid

POTASSIUM 33%. SL » Solution with betaines, cytokinins, auxins and potassium oxide in high concentration. It is essential in photosynthesis, translocation and carbohydrate storage. Optimizes water regulation in plant tissues and promotion of the root system. Improves the coloration, flavor and sweetness of the fruits. Increases the specific size and weight. It extends the useful life of the fruits and their conservation. It can be used via foliar and irrigation for all crops.

Dosage: Foliar: 150-200 cc/hl. Drip irrigation: 6-8 L/ha and application.

Precautions for use: It is not miscible with alkaline reaction products, sulfurs, oils and sulfocalcics. Do not mix with phosphites or products containing amino acids, preferably the treatment will be carried out in the morning or at sunset, avoiding the hours of strong temperatures. In fruit trees, citrus and vines, the last application must be made before the final ripening of the fruit.


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